Coaching for success

Even the best footballer in the world has a coach! Why? Because he wants to continually improve his performance and his game!
Having used a coach myself for many years, I have felt first hand benefits of having a professional who knows and understands my business. The confidential nature of coaching provides a comfortable environment to allow a person to grow, unpack their challenges, find their own solutions and re- energize, supporting both individual and corporate development.


My approach:

• Through one to one discussion, explore the reasons for seeking coaching;

o What are the aims

o What are the expectations

• Agree a verbal contract at the start of every meeting on outcomes for that session;
• Focus on supporting the coachee in identifying their own resources and generating their own solutions;
• Help to tackle complex situations at both behavioural and relationship level in an honest and developmental way
• Undertake ‘on time’ coaching, working with individuals as they undertake their role offering immediate feedback and challenge;


Feedback from clients I have provided coaching to:

“Good Evening

Sorry for bothering you so late, but I really wanted to express my gratitude for your help and support today.

Although weaknesses and areas for improvement are never very easy to hear or identify in oneself, I felt the time spent with you taught me some valuable techniques and startegies to help with my development and the improvements needed to take the team forward.

I know our paths may not cross in the near future, but I will keep you updated with my progress and may feel the need to tap into your extensive experience at a later date.

Thank you so much for your support and time.


Ward Sister



Thank you once again, for an inspiring day, I think we all gain so much from these sessions, I know for me they lift my spirits and give me the opportunity to reflect and go forward.”