I established my consultancy IRENEGRAY.CO.UK, in December 2012 with a clear drive to use the knowledge and experience I have gained over the past 40+ years as a nurse leader and board director. My interest has always been in creative and emotional leadership and improving the patient experience, through change with a focusing on listening and acting. Our health and social care environment today is not only challenging beyond anything we could have anticipated, but is also highly charged and every error, no matter how small, alleged or real, made very public. Leaders in these sectors today, need support to deliver and stay sane. Leaders need time to focus on the day job and support to quickly diagnose and find solutions to gritty problems. I have been blessed with a career that has allowed me to gain experience in some of the most challenging environments, including Care of the Elderly (the field that shaped my thinking for the next 38 years), Specialist Trust, Acute Trust and National Care Home Board Positions and a role as a Civil Servant (that was fascinating!). I have always been industrious and look for many ways to expand my learning and have enjoyed publishing and platform speaking in many environments in the UK and Europe. My career has afforded me extensive experience in supporting and delivering change in challenged and highly successful organisations, with an ability to quickly diagnose core challenges and identify resolution options